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Updated on 11/23/2016
Rating : Rating : 4/5 Shareware

Actions :

- Automatic backup of multiple copies of the Windows clipboard - Customizable limit on the maximum number of copies to preserve your memory. The software will automatically empty it, you have no action to perform.

The principle is simple: each element copied from any application or the[Print Screen] key on your keyboard is saved by the software. So it is possible to save several elements of a document or images, which avoids going back and forth. This application could go unnoticed except for the icon displayed in the Notification Area and the sidebar on the left side of your screen. The latter can be hidden or visible to perform all[Paste] to an application. A double click on the chosen visual allows you to store it in memory and then perform a CTRL + V to paste it into any Windows application.

Export PDF :

The revolutionary part of this paperweight is the ability to export any images in memory. You can choose one or more images to export from a table. Best of all, you can also make choices on a few options such as: Image quality, insert a single image or 2 per page into the PDF file generated in this way. What flexibility to create a document with all the photos and images together.


Handling the copied text:

Another revolution in this paper press is the possibility of capturing all the text copied into the memory. If you need to retrieve text distributed in several documents (web pages for example) you can trigger the text saving. All the copies you make from this moment on will be accumulated in a single document. A custom editor will allow you to manipulate this text with many options such as :
  • A "save as" button
  • A "Copy All" button automatically.
  • A "print" button to print directly on your printer.
  • Buttons: search, replace and spell check.
  • An "Insert images" button that will allow you to insert the images you have previously copied into the multiple clipboard.
  • Then all the buttons necessary for the basic formatting of the text.

The contents of the clipboard will be accessible at any time. You will also be able to access various system options and information, such as :

  • The maximum number of copies kept so as not to overload your memory too much.
  • The border color of the sidebar.
  • The number of copies made since the software was installed
  • The time at which you made the last copy
  • etc....
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  • Date Created 02/25/2015
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