Which VPN to use to try Disney+ for free?

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Disney+ or Disney Plus, Disney’s new SVOD platform is being “pilot” launched in the Netherlands two months before its launch in the United States scheduled for November 12. The other good news for Dutch users is that Disney+ is free for two months. Indeed, by registering, these users benefit from two months of free testing! We were able to register for a free Disney+ trial. Here’s how to proceed if you can’t wait any longer.

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Update of November 14th: In the following list, you will find VPN applications and servers that provide free access to Disney.

November 12 Update: Since November 12, Speedify and UFO VPN no longer provide access to Disney+ content. You can use the Canadian EASY VPN server (Android) to access the Disney catalogue. This application is free of charge.

You can also use NordVPN or FastestVPN by connecting to the American server located in Denver. Be careful, these two services are not free.

How to try Disney+ for free?

To activate a two-month free trial period now. You must use a VPN. Unfortunately the most famous VPNs have been blacklisted by Disney. For our registration, we used UFO VPN. We recommend that you use a second Google Account that is not associated with any payment method to complete your registration.

Download UFO VPN (Android). You can use the VPN for free, but it will only give you about ten minutes of access (after viewing advertising videos). Connect to the Dutch server.


You can also use the Speedify application. The free Dutch server also allows you to connect to Disney+.

Speedify disney plus

Start Disney+. If you don’t have the application yet, go to our detailed tutorial to learn how to install it on your smartphone.

Create an account by clicking on Sign-up. Disney+ will then ask you for an email address and password.

Disney+ account creation

All you have to do is complete the registration and enter a Google Play payment method. It should be noted that this step is mandatory to take advantage of the two free months. If you unsubscribe before November 12, you will not be charged the $6.99 or €6.35.

Disney Subscribe

All you have to do is return to the application to enjoy your favorite movies and cartoons.

Disney+ Screenshot

Disney+ is also available on iOS

For the moment, the application is only available in English and Dutch. Note that subtitles are already activated, but only available in a handful of languages.

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