Windows Screenshot Software Software: The comprehensive list

  • Logo Loom

    Whether you are with friends or colleagues in a company, it is not uncommon to exchange about several types of...

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    • 26/02/2020
  • Logo WinSnap

    WinSnap is a free software that allows you to easily take screenshots when you need them. The program has a series of tools to complete the captured images and highlight the content of your choice.

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    • 24/04/2019
  • Logo EasyCapture

    Capture of the screen, a window, a control of a window. Choice of backup format and backup directory.

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    • 05/12/2018
  • Logo Movavi Screen Capture Studio
    Movavi Screen Capture Studio

    Ultimate screenshot software with built-in editor and DVD video writer, it can be used to capture any activity on your computer screen: games, online video, screencasts, webcams, or video chat rooms.

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    • 23/04/2018
  • Logo Ashampoo Snap 2018
    Ashampoo Snap 2018

    Ashampoo Snap 2018 is a software that allows you to take screenshots very easily. The program also has tools to annotate documents and share them with its contacts.

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    • 12/03/2021
  • Logo Ashampoo Snap
    Ashampoo Snap

    Ashampoo Snap is a very complete tool that allows you to take screenshots and small videos. Ideal for creating tutorials, it has a large number of parameters to edit all your screenshots.

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    • 12/11/2019
  • Logo SnagIt

    SnagIt is a powerful program for capturing, enhancing and sharing images, text, web pages or videos that can be viewed on a PC screen with one click.

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    • 23/10/2020
  • Logo HyperSnap

    HyperSnap is a screen capture and editing tool for Windows. Captures standard desktop screens and DirectX/Direct3D screens. Can capture more than the visible part of the screen with the old scrolling technology,

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    • 29/03/2016
  • Logo Aiseesoft Screen Recorder
    Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

    Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a professional software for filming your computer screen.

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    • 15/03/2019
  • Logo LoiLo Game Recorder
    LoiLo Game Recorder

    LoiLo Game Recorder is a small software that allows users to record video game games very easily. In addition to being free, it allows you to start saving a game in a few clicks and export the result to YouTube.

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    • 21/10/2015
  • Logo Snip

    Snip is a screenshot software developed by Microsoft that will eventually replace the tool currently delivered with Windows. It also allows you to make annotations with just a few clicks.

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    • 28/08/2015
  • Logo Icecream Screen Recorder 5.77
    Icecream Screen Recorder 5.77

    Make: screenshots or screenshots of the entire screen or parts of it. Use: drop-down panel, hidden signs on the desktop etc.

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    • 14/08/2020
  • Logo ScreenToGif

    ScreenToGif is a very simple software that allows you to create GIFs based on what you have on your screen. Thus, you only have to start and stop recording your screen to get the desired GIF.

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    • 05/03/2020
  • Logo Jing

    Jing is a screenshot software that can record your screen activities in video. The goal? Allow users to create tutorials, presentation videos, or video game recordings. You can also add annotations to your projects.

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    • 05/11/2014
  • Logo Adobe Captivate
    Adobe Captivate

    Adobe Captivate is a software designed to take video captures of your computer screen for the preparation of training courses or different tutorials. The interactive e-learning created using the software can be adapted to all terminals: PC, Mac, and even mobile devices.

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    • 04/11/2014
  • Logo ActivePresenter

    Design presentation videos for your training or tutorials with ActivePresenter software. Easy to use, all you have to do is create a new project and choose the type of recording you want: animated video recording, intelligent capture, etc. It's child's play!

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    • 12/11/2014
  • Logo Shadowplay

    Shadowplay is a video capture software that only works with some NVIDIA branded graphics cards. Completely free, it takes up very little memory on your computer so as not to deteriorate the quality of your games when you record.

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    • 09/07/2020
  • Logo PlayClaw

    PlayClaw is a software in the tradition of Fraps. It allows you to take screenshots and video recordings very easily to keep track of your exploits. It offers a nice interface and a lot of customization options.

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    • 28/01/2014
  • Logo Dxtory

    Dxtory is a video capture program that has a lot of assets to promote to win. Faced with the competition, it has complete functionalities and follow-up from its development team.

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    • 04/12/2017
  • Logo Bandicam

    Bandicam is a video capture software that shines with its customization options. It also includes an image recorder and the ability to display the framerate of a game.

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    • 30/03/2021
  • Logo Afterburner

    Afterburner is a software developed by MSI that allows you to get a lot of information about your graphics card. It also offers to make video captures of your game sessions.

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    • 05/03/2021
  • Logo Action!

    Action! is a video capture software that has an extremely complete interface. It allows you to make videos of your video game games and configure them according to your desires.

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    • 20/09/2019
  • Logo Fraps

    Fraps is a software extremely used by people who want to record what is happening on their computer screen. Very popular with players, it impresses with its efficient and relatively easy to use features.

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    • 28/02/2013
  • Logo Screencast Capture Lite
    Screencast Capture Lite

    With this free software, no more applications that take up too much space on the computer or that have too much impact on the system. Here we go to the essentials, with a capture window and a few buttons. Fearfully effective.

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    • 17/01/2014
  • Logo Easy Video Capture for Windows
    Easy Video Capture for Windows

    Easy Video Capture for Windows is a screen recording program for recording your screen activities into AVI Video files in real time with different AVI video codecs. You can use it to make slide-show training documents with sound and text.

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    • 13/12/2013
  • Logo Greenshot

    Greenshot is a new software in the world of screenshot. Free and Open Source, it offers you, thanks to its four keyboard shortcuts that allow you to do everything, a simple and effective way to take a picture of your screen.

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    • 20/02/2018
  • Logo CamStudio

    Do you want to introduce your friends or other Internet users to a software tutorial or solve any problem on a PC? CamStudio, video capture software, will become essential to record everything that happens on your screen.

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    • 28/01/2014
  • Logo My Screen Recorder
    My Screen Recorder

    To make video tutorials of a software, it is more convenient to use a screenshot software. In this way, no detail could escape the apprentices who hope to master the software in turn.

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    • 18/09/2013
  • Logo FastStone Capture
    FastStone Capture

    FastStone Capture is a software that allows you to take screenshots very easily. It is easy to use and lightweight to satisfy users.

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    • 20/08/2013
  • Logo Screenpresso

    Screenpresso is a very useful and complete screenshot software. Thanks to its very simple operation and elegant but functional interface, it is a very good solution for those looking for software in this field.

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    • 02/10/2013