Windows Emulation software Software: The comprehensive list

Emulators to run your old software on your PC. Emulators to run game consoles. Emulators to run different devices on your machine. Here is what we offer you here. Emulators for all needs Emulators perform a very special function: they replace hardware with software via emulation. For example, the operating system of a machine, computer or Console, will not draw from the resources of its own components, but will draw from the elements at its disposal, via a program that will somehow "deceive" it. It is theoretically possible to emulate a little bit of everything and anything, especially on modern machines, as long as the restrictions are not material. For example, it is difficult to emulate some controllers, gyroscopes... For several years, console emulators have taken over the rest. The retrogaming phenomenon is such that the latest consoles are already being emulated, with several degrees of success, whether portable or fixed. Switch, Playstation, XBox, 3DS... Nothing seems to scare developers who are succeeding more and more quickly in offering functional programs.

  • Logo BlastEm

    An emulator dedicated to the Megadrive.

    • Anglais
    • 33 téléchargement(s)
    • 15/11/2019
  • Logo Gameloop (Tencent Gaming Emulator)
    Gameloop (Tencent Gaming Emulator)

    Tencent Gaming Buddy is an Android emulator developed by Tencent to run games from its mobile PC catalogue

    • Multilingue
    • 3615 téléchargement(s)
    • 02/07/2020
  • Logo Reicast Émulateur Dreamcast pour PC
    Reicast Émulateur Dreamcast pour PC

    A Dreamcast PC emulator is not that common. Already well established on Android and considered one of the best of its kind, Reicast will please Windows emulation addicts, especially old consoles.

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    • 1139 téléchargement(s)
    • 11/04/2019
  • Logo Yabause Émulateur Saturn
    Yabause Émulateur Saturn

    A Saturn emulator, Sega's console, that's not running around the streets. This project, which stopped in 2016, allows some games to run, but his spiritual successor who uses his source code has added to this list.

    • Multilingue
    • 86 téléchargement(s)
    • 02/04/2019
  • Logo Yaba Sanshiro – Emulateur Saturn
    Yaba Sanshiro – Emulateur Saturn

    Yaba Sanshiro is an emulator of the Sega Saturn console currently under development for PC and Android. This version for Windows allows you to launch and play a few titles, using the original or emulated Bios.

    • Multilingue
    • 652 téléchargement(s)
    • 02/04/2019
  • Logo LDPlayer

    LDPlayer is an Android emulator optimized for video games. The utility is free and translated into several languages.

    • Multilingue
    • 2355 téléchargement(s)
    • 02/03/2021
  • Logo Mumu App Player
    Mumu App Player

    Mumu App Player, also known as Nemu, is an Android emulator developed by Netease.

    • Multilingue
    • 23280 téléchargement(s)
    • 28/04/2021
  • Logo Xenia: émulateur XBox 360
    Xenia: émulateur XBox 360

    The first emulator for XBox 360 enters the game and surprises by its already great fluidity and the exploitation of DirectX 12 which is enough to make some games run almost correctly.

    • Anglais
    • 8507 téléchargement(s)
    • 05/02/2021
  • Logo XQEMU émulateur XBox
    XQEMU émulateur XBox

    XBox emulators are not in the streets and this one looks promising. Like all those who manage to run a game about correctly for 2 minutes. Here the emulation is quite slow but improvements are to be expected!

    • Anglais
    • 1332 téléchargement(s)
    • 03/10/2018
  • Logo RedReam émulateur Dreamcast
    RedReam émulateur Dreamcast

    This DreamCast emulator aims to make it easier for users to test SEGA's console games with a simplified interface and integrated plug-ins. Two versions exist: A lite and an HD, guess which one is paying.

    • Anglais
    • 593 téléchargement(s)
    • 14/01/2021
  • Logo Ryujinx

    Ryujinx is an experimental Switch emulator in the Yuzu straight line that develops in parallel. It does not yet allow games to run but at least some titles are bootable, which looks promising.

    • Multilingue
    • 591 téléchargement(s)
    • 16/11/2020
  • Logo RetroArch

    RetroArch is an open source application that runs emulators, media players and game engines from many platforms including Windows, iOS, Android and macOS

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    • 364 téléchargement(s)
    • 02/04/2021
  • Logo Andyroid

    Andyroid is a software that allows you to emulate the Android system on your computer. It offers very good system integration and allows you to enjoy all your applications directly on your PC.

    • Multilingue
    • 6066 téléchargement(s)
    • 23/01/2019
  • Logo MEmu

    MEmu is an emulator: once downloaded to your PC, you can use it to play your mobile games and use your android applications.

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    • 5530 téléchargement(s)
    • 08/09/2020
  • Logo Lakka

    Lakka is a distribution based on Libretro and RetroArch that allows you to transform a small PC into a game console. The ideal tool if you don't know what to do with your Raspberry PI.

    • Multilingue
    • 466 téléchargement(s)
    • 03/05/2019
  • Logo DesMume

    The famous Nintendo DS emulator is getting better and better. Play any kind of game on this Nintendo DS emulator for Windows, which also allows you to play homebrew productions available for free.

    • Anglais
    • 231 téléchargement(s)
    • 23/04/2015
  • Logo Nox App Player
    Nox App Player

    An Android emulator (4.4.2) that allows you to launch Android games and applications on your Windows 10 PC in the blink of an eye.

    • Multilingue
    • 3544 téléchargement(s)
    • 17/07/2020
  • Logo 3DNes

    3DNes is a Nes emulator for Windows. In addition to perfectly emulating the games on the Nintendo system, the software also adds a depth effect.

    • Anglais
    • 148 téléchargement(s)
    • 28/06/2016
  • Logo WinCDEmu

    WinCDEmu is an Open Source program that allows you to emulate CD, DVD and BluRay players on your machine.

    • Multilingue
    • 337 téléchargement(s)
    • 04/03/2016
  • Logo Cemu

    Cemu is a very promising experimental emulator for Wii U because it already manages to launch some commercial games. There is still a long way to go before it is compatible with all available games.

    • Anglais
    • 554 téléchargement(s)
    • 24/02/2021
  • Logo Dolphin

    Dolphin is a program that emulates the operation of two Nintendo systems: the Game Cube and Wii. This way you can enjoy all your games again directly from your computer.

    • Multilingue
    • 1318 téléchargement(s)
    • 27/01/2021
  • Logo AMIDuOS

    The world of Android emulators is enriched with a newcomer. AMIDuOS is a program that allows you to enjoy a complete Android experience, access Google Play and download your favorite applications.

    • Anglais
    • 1811 téléchargement(s)
    • 10/07/2015
  • Logo Game Ex
    Game Ex

    A Media Center focused on emulating Arcade consoles and terminals and more, very easy to use and above all localized in several languages.

    • Français
    • 127 téléchargement(s)
    • 04/05/2015
  • Logo Residual VM
    Residual VM

    Residual Vm has only a few titles running but in the short list there is Grim Fandango. This is enough to download the program and get the CD out of the dust and back into the adventures of the detective skeleton.

    • Anglais
    • 90 téléchargement(s)
    • 07/10/2014
  • Logo D-Fend reloaded
    D-Fend reloaded

    With this interface, you will no longer have any difficulties to archive and launch your DOS games which must go through DOSBox to work properly.

    • Anglais
    • 216 téléchargement(s)
    • 06/10/2014
  • Logo scumm Vm
    scumm Vm

    Fans of old adventure games in point and click, but disappointed with the current production, you can always immerse yourself in the titles of yesteryear, thanks to this software that allows the compatibility of titles like Flight of the Amazon, Beneath a steel sky or Loom.

    • Multilingue
    • 61 téléchargement(s)
    • 10/11/2020
  • Logo DoSBox

    A DOS emulator for modern operating systems, DoxBox is a small revolution for those nostalgic for old machines and string settings that allowed Wing Commander, Fallout or Ultima IV to run without bugs. To download without further delay...

    • Multilingue
    • 235 téléchargement(s)
    • 02/11/2020
  • Logo TronDS

    Here is a 3D emulator that doesn't promise you the moon and that only runs a few demos, but it looks promising.

    • Anglais
    • 784 téléchargement(s)
    • 17/12/2014
  • Logo Citra (émulateur 3DS)
    Citra (émulateur 3DS)

    A 3DS emulator in the making, intended in the long term to run commercial games but for the moment limited to a few demos. One of the few who can still launch without having to pay for a hidden survey....

    • Anglais
    • 23805 téléchargement(s)
    • 18/06/2018
  • Logo NullDC

    Enjoy many Dreamcast video games on your computer with the NullDC game emulator. Downloadable for free, this open-source software allows gamers to discover or rediscover several Dreamcast titles, in a much higher quality and at an incomparable speed.

    • Anglais
    • 599 téléchargement(s)
    • 09/09/2014