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Beyond Keylogger is the most powerful surveillance and monitoring solution for home or office use. With Beyond Keylogger you can monitor every activity on the computer including chat conversations,e-mails,keystrokes,desktop activities,microphon and more. Have you ever thought who is your wife’s “friend” she chats with all the time? With Beyond Keylogger you can read her chat conversations, look at her emails watch the sites she surfed to. Have you ever wondered why does your husband “work” on his computer so late at the night? After reading over and over in the newspapers all those scary news about children who have been seduced by sick people. Dont you want to know what your children are doing on their computer? Who is this “friend” they chat with? Do they surf to illegal sites? Everyone knows that time is money. Everyone also knows that almost every business has a computer. BUT not everyone knows this: an average business has 20 employees. Each employee spends 30 minutes a day for reading/sending emails,chatting and surfing. That gives 10 wasted hours a day 50 hours a week 200 hours a month about $2,000 a month! $24,000 a year! We in Supremtec believe that it is unfair and are absolutely certain that there are employees spending more than 30 minutes a day on the internet instead of honestly earning the money you are paying them. With Beyond Keylogger you can PUT AN END to this. These days, almost all schools have labs. From our experience, it is hard and sometimes impossible to keep the teenager pupils away from those illegal and an inappropriate sites. By using Beyond Keylogger on the school computers you can monitor and stop this habit. We are now offering a big discount for schools all over the world! By activating Beyond Keylogger, you can monitor everything. Away from home, it can even send you logs by e-mail.

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