BRAVIS Galaxee 4free Videochat

  • Mise à jour le 06/12/12
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BRAVIS Galaxee 4free is a slim and easy to use free Videochat programm with up to 4 participiants and filetransfer which doenst need a server. Galaxee 4free means to be available trought webcam and this with an pin sharp resulution and clear audioquality. See and hear each other like you do in “reality”. Galaxee 4free – So far and yet so near * Free VGA videochat with 4 participiants * Clear audioquality * Intuitive and flexible usage * Adressbook * Works without server * Spontaneous videochats * International: languages: German, English, French, Polish, Spanish * Filetransfer New in Version 1.5.10: * Portable Version available * Automatic environment volume detection * Hotplugging supported * Drag’n’Drop filetransfer * Enhanced Address Book * Optimized performance * Video window frames can be disabled

Capture d'écran BRAVIS Galaxee 4free Videochat
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