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CoolPDF is a fast, robust and affordable way to create professional quality PDF documents for both novice and pro. CoolPDF works as a printer driver on all operating systems, making PDF files of anything that can normally be printed. CoolPDF settings do not require much tweaking to get the quality, resolution and file size you want, and this is easily done following the menu or the manual that comes with the software package. CoolPDF provides such quality settings as default, screen, ebook, print, prepress optimized. The resolution of PDF documents produced by CoolPDF can be lowered to 72 dpi or enhanced to 4000 dpi. Encryption features are available for advanced users who want to secure a PDF document by setting a user password and owner password or simply setting user access permissions to protect the PDF document from printing, modifying, copying, filling, extracting, assembling or annotating. CoolPDF is a very cost-effective solution for turning just about anything into a PDF. And the coolest thing about it is that it generates PDF documents extremely fast and works with almost all languages in the world. Making PDF files of anything that can normally be printed PDF creation is as simple as selecting the ‘print’ command from any application Up to 4000 dpi printing resolution Color printing and publishing Large paper size up to 14400 x 14400 points, 200 x 200 inch, 5080 x 5080 millimeters Live hyperlink support PDF content protection with user password and/or user password Secure PDF documents from being modified, copied, converted, printed, signed, and assembled PDF 128-bit encryption and decryption Speedy processing and fast conversion A variety of paper sizes and custom paper size PDF document information, including title, subject, keyword, author, producer and creator. PDF compatibility option for Abode PDF format Automatic font embedding into PDF files PDF Compression and optimization Tested with more than 1200 Windows applications

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