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If we would describe Faketwin in one short line then it would be: It copies a complete directory structure but make the files fake. It is a program, with which you can create a fake copy of a directory. Fake means that the files in the copy will either be empty or the contents will be filled with spaces. Optionally store the original file sizes in the copied files. It is especially made for professional users who can use this for summarizing or monitoring reasons. How it works – short 1) Choose a source: The source is a single directory which eventually includes subdirectories. You can select by using the selection panel and then clicking ‘add selected’ in the source panel. You can also use the file menu: Source folder – Enter… . Once you made selections you are recommended to use the quick history menu in the file menu for selecting the same folders again later on! 2) Choose a destination: Select the destination folder similarly as the source folder. Remark that the folder that you select is infact the parent folder for the twin. An example: Suppose you select as source folder C:\My Documents … and as destination (parent) folder C:\My FakeTwinCopies … then the actual twin will be automatically named something like: C:\My FakeTwinCopies\faketwin_of_C_-my Documents 3) Hit the run button The actual twin folder is made now and the subfolder and empty files are created taking into account some options.

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