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  • Mise à jour le 06/12/12
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* Visualize Large text file : Large Log viewer reads only the necessary displayed data, it uses few memory to handle very large file * Real Tail : The purpose of the tail mode is reading the last lines of files while they are written * Multiple open files : You can open multiple files simultaneously and perform multiple tail and export actions * Syntax Highlighting : You can highlight some lines with text matching or regular expressions * Bookmarks : You can handle infinite number of bookmarks * Filter&Export :You can export filtered text (or regular expressions) * Encoding : It allows to view most of the used encoding file format : ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16… * Search : You can perform a quick search with text matching or regular expressions * Multi OS : Large Log Viewer is Java based, you can use it on Windows XP/Vista, Linux and Mac OS X with Java 5 or upper installed

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