Millesime, the Cellar Book

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Millesime, The Cellar Book, is a software programme with which you can: – manage one or more cellars (stock intakes, issues and transfers), whether divided among several locations or not; – give assessments to wines and vintages and follow their development through successive tastings; – display the characteristics, properties and labels of wines and vintages; – index the foods and recipes consumed with each wine, and so be able to the identify the wines most suitable for each food later on; – manage restocking by Internet: send messages to suppliers and/or enter orders directly on the sites of the latter; – inventory stocks by location with print-out of inventory lists for quick, easy counting and input of the quantities counted; – value each vintage and update these values; – query stocks by location, or by country/region/appellation – print out stocks sorted by location, or by country/region/appellation, with or without prices; – manage a catalogue of addresses of producers, sellers or others. The conception and utilization of this software package are designed to make it easy to master, and after a little simple practice, you will quickly get used to using Millesime, The Cellar Book.

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