MSD Tasks Multiuser

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Tareas MSD Multiuser will allow you to manage in a network in a visual manner the activities and tasks of several people or work teams: · A secretary could manage the agenda of one or more managers, controlling their visits, meetings, reports, appointments, travels, etc. · A manager could control the tasks and activities of his employees. The program provides Stored Tasks management, to easily manage recurrent tasks. · A service company could manage the tasks of his employees, allowing project management and client management. · A professional could manage his clients visits, assigning times and dates very easily thanks to the visual interface of Tareas MSD. Tareas MSD is very easy to use and can be configured to adapt many of its characteristics to the user preferences. The information can be filtered by simple but powerful conditions and records can be found searching by its fields content. The reports can be sent to the screen or to the printer. Since the information this program manages is personal, some of its features provide a great degree of privacy. By using a password, the user can control the access to the program, to the configuration and to the program functions individually. Besides, data can be stored in encrypted format after closing the program to avoid unauthorized access. Thanks to the security options your data will be safe at home and at the office.

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