NetSpot for Windows +

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NetSpot is an application for Windows 7/8/10 that is used for wireless analysis, troubleshooting and wireless site survey.

NetSpot for Windows offers two major wireless troubleshooting methods: Discover and Survey. It helps you control and visualize the areas with multiple Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to NetSpot, you can track potential connection problems and choose the best channels for your networks or re-position the access point to Improve Your Wi-Fi signal. Discover mode: NetSpot collects every detail about surrounding Wi-Fi networks and presents data as interactive wireless year table in real time. It lets you troubleshoot and Improve Your network’s coverage, capacity, signal level, etc. Dig deeper into network details by going into channels map and chart view. Wi-Fi Surveys: Creates NetSpot Wi-Fi survey projects and transforms em into interactive heat maps with detailed information on all wireless networks surveyed in every spot of the map. Wi-Fi generated visualizations are full of invaluable data for any-level user. Signal Level visualization is available free in the initial release of Windows edition.

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