PDF Page Lock 2.0

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PDF Page Lock is a Windows software ultility protects your PDF by password locking or hiding sensitive PDF pages you set, and leave all other pages public available.

PDF Page Lock enables users to lock or hide selected pages of a PDF document with a password encryption. With PDF Page Lock, users could hide or lock selected pages of a PDF file while leaving all other pages available.

One great advantage of PDF Page Lock is that the document in whole remains accessible on any computer, while the locked pages become protected. Hence, encrypting the entire PDF file is not necessary, and no third-party software is required to see such a protected PDF document on other computers.


– Lock PDF Pages

Readers would be unable to see the content on locked PDF pages, which only display as Blank with Locked icons.

– Hide PDF Pages

PDF Page Lock could hide your classified PDF pages and then those pages would be Totally Invisible & Inaccessiable in the PDF file.

– Password Protecting PDF Pages

You can set a password for the PDF file while saving the locked PDF file. No one could unlock the PDF document without your password.

– Customize Pages to be Locked and Won’t Affect Normal Pages

Unlike normal PDF encrypting programs, PDF Page Lock only locks or hides important PDF pages you want to protect, and leaves other pages public and visible.

– Easily Unlock PDF with 1-Click Unlock

Simply open a PDF file and select your confidential pages to lock or hide, then set a password while saving the PDF. And this easy-to-use software tool has the 1-Click Unlock feature, which enables you to unlock/unhide all pages very easily.

– Multi-language

PDF Page Lock has a multiple languages pack, which includes English, French, German, and Chinese.

Capture d'écran PDF Page Lock 2.0
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