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Speed Reading Software – increase reading speed – retain comprehension – boost concentration. Tackle the curse of the information age – Too much information, too little time. Save money, win back time, learn more. Free Trial. Help learning disorders – including Dyslexia and ADHD. Visually impaired can read at any text size. Doubles reading speed in minutes. Works with any electronic text. The future of reading today. We now need to absorb so much information on a daily basis that we lack the time to be able to read it; this is where ReallyEasyReader comes into its own. Employers – Save 1000’s of Dollars in man hours – Boost profits. Students – Revise faster and learn more – Get higher grades. ReallyEasyReader is the result of our continuing research into human brain function, specifically regarding its capacity to absorb information. Having discovered the full workings of the reading dynamic; we have used our findings to create this software allowing the user to assimilate information rapidly and easily whilst overcoming all of the major problems encountered in the process. Here are just some of the problems ReallyEasyReader can help to ease:- Visually impaired? Read electronic documents at a size you can see, no more reading glasses or having to peer at the screen. Dyslexic? Combat the problems faced when reading, enabling you to overcome them to reach your full reading potential. ADHD or similar? Build your concentration and overcome the limitations you currently face. Features include: Platform independence; only requirement is a Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or higher. Integrated support for multiple document types; txt, doc, pdf, html. Copy and paste any other text into the program. Open URL’s direct. The Free Trial version is limited to a maximum speed of 500 words per minute, more than double the average. Registering removes this limit. Unlock your reading potential – Try ReallyEasyReader For Free Today!

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