Thesaurus Synonym Database V1.3

  • Mise à jour le 26/03/15
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Database Thesaurus: German 28707 Keywords with over 280000 entries, Thesaurus English 18265 Keywords with over 200000 entries, Thesaurus French 17835 Keywords with over 150000 entries, Thesaurus Spanish 34483 Keywords with over 230000 entries, Thesaurus Italian  25609 Keywords with over 190000 entries, Thesaurus Portuguese/ Brazilian 10544 Keywords with over 50000 entries, Thesaurus Swedish  21564 Keywords with over 210000 entries.

Different License agreements:

First license agreement (Thesaurus Synonym Database) – not for resale: You can integrate the database in your applications but you can`t sell this application to other customers. It`s for Universities, translation agencies (create a basis for your own Translation Memories -TM) , scientific departments, for companies with internal use (and own applications) or companies that would integrate it into their website…

Second license agreement (Thesaurus Synonym Database)- for resale (commercial use): You can integrate the database in any application* and you can sell this application to other customers.

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